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These apply to the main site AND the forums.

Spam- Spamming is posting something that does not have to do with the topic or is less than 3 words.

Flamming- Flaming is insulting another member or calling them names.

Flame Baiting- Flame Baiting is taunting someone to flame or insult somebody.

Forum Rules:

1.) No Double Posting or Triple Posting. A double post is 2 consecutive post by the same member.
2.) No posting less than 3 words.
3.) No Spamming.
4.) If no one has posted after you in a certain topic for 24 hours, you can then post again. This is called a legal bump
5.) Flamming and Flame Baiting will not be tolerated.
6.) Respect all staff and members. Disrespecting staff can lead to being banned from the site.
7.) No ban-bypassing. Ban bypassing is creating another account while still serving a ban term. If you are Perma-banned you cannot ever enter this site again.
8.) Do not ignore warnings given by the staff of TOF.
9.) No mini-modding. Mini-modding is members telling other members what they can or cannot do. Only staff has the obligation to tell others what they can do.
10.) All members can give their opinion on anything.
11.) Posting a post, title, or title description in ALL CAPS is not allowed.
12.) Scamming (asking for passwords, credit card numbers, etc.) will not be tolerated.
13.) Please post reasonable topics in the right forums.
14.) Advertising is not allowed. Only in the 'Advertising' forum and in your Signature. Unless given permission by an Admin, you are not allowed to advertise anywhere else.
15.) TOF is a family oriented site. There shall be no cussing, porn, sexual, racism, or violent posts. even though the site is mainly used by teenagers, 'M' rated content is not allowed.

Image regulations:
Signature Regulations:

1.) Max Size is 500x200
2.) Max File Size is 200 KB (200000 Bytes)
3.) Nothing Inappropriate (Porn, Cuss, etc.)
4.) The max limit of images in your sig is 2.

Avatar Regulations:
1.) Max Size is 100x100
2.) Nothing Inappropriate (Porn, Cuss, etc.)
3.) Max File Size is 200 KB (200000 Bytes)

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