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New Member Must Read Guidlines
qwertyuioDate: Friday, 18/07/08, 6:05 PM | Message # 1
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General Forum Rules
By registering on Omega you are obligated to abide by the forum rules and acknowledge that
you fulfil the requirements and responsibilities thereof. Such prerequisites may be set forth or
changed without prior notice. To submit to Omega and participate in discussion on its forums,
you must be at least thirteen years old; we reserve the right to remove your account if it is discovered
that you are underage. Pursuant to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1999
(COPPA), we are required to prevent the display and storage of any and all contact information tied
to people under the age of thirteen and must remove such information at once should it be exposed
that you are under the age of thirteen.
There is a filtering system in place that is supposed to prevent offensive language from being displayed
in posts on the forum. Attempting to bypass this filter is punishable by an immediate ban
from the system. Please keep in mind that a filter built into the site provides no substitute for parental
supervision whilst viewing the site and that the system is liable to block information that is not
offensive after all.
While on the site, you must keep in mind these rules. If you are deemed detrimental to the atmosphere
of the site, we reserve the right to take appropriate action up to and including your ISP or local
government being contacted. These rules are subject to revision without notice.
I. Spamming, flaming, and abusing other members: This is not tolerated at all on the Omega Forums.Spamming is hereon defined
as anything that detracts from the theme of the topic or forum and includes but is not limited
1) Advertising: Advertising in your posts is not permitted on our forums. Advertising is defined
a) the propagation of a site solely for the benefit of the person(s) propagating it;
b) the organisation of members to create a site or engage in commercial activity;
c) the organisation of a site whose aim is in whole or in part to rival Omega or
any other site within Web Media Network (which shall include its subsidiaries Platinum
Fitness, Team Photoshop, Video Gamer Network and its own subsidiaries, and
any other site that shall be designated as such with formal notice);
d) the exploitation of contact information used for the sole gain of the person(s) to
which such information is tied; and
e) the propagation of a site to form or house a clique
However, advertising a site for your non-commercial benefit in your signature is permitted.
Advertising shall NOT include:
a) the presentation of a site for the benefit of a party not tied to the person propagating
b) the presentation of a site that includes material that Omega does not have it
in its interest to have; and
c) the presentation of online games (excluding role-play) regardless of who receives
2) Anything that detracts from the topic at hand, effectively changing the course or ambiguity
of the discussion.
3) Repetition of any point pressed previously. This includes revival of topics that no
longer have relevance to the forum, a cause that may have been lost or denied, or a
question that has already been answered or clarified.
Flaming is hereon defined as abuse towards any member on our forums and shall include:
a) statements that glorify, condone, or convey any dogma that discriminates anyone
based on race, colour, creed, religion, sex, sexual affinity, marital status, political affiliation,
liability for service in the armed forces of any nation, hereditary or acquired disability,
or eligibility for employment;
b) defamation of character;
c) exploitation of any recorded material made without the consent of any person involved
in it, no matter the context in which it is exploited; and
d) physical threats.
Such action will be punishable by measures up to and including a permanent ban and notification
of governmental authorities upon the first offence.
Before you post, think through the consequences of posting the material. If you cannot say
anything good, it’s best not to say anything at all.
II. Illegal activity: Any activity that breaches any law in force in the United Kingdom, the
United States of America, Spain, and/or the European Union is forbidden on our forums and
will be punished with measures up to and including a permanent ban and notification of authorities
upon the first offence. Activities defined as illegal shall include but not be limited
a) acquisition of passwords, credit card numbers, secret questions, and other licences regardless
of purpose;
b) acquisition of telephone numbers, street addresses, or full names that serve no legal
c) discussions of ROMs, warez, cracking or hacking methods or devices, bootlegged media,
or anything else that may result in the corruption of server data or is tantamount to
copyright infringement; and
d) acquisition or distribution of any contact details tied to persons not affiliated with our
forums or of any person under the age of thirteen pursuant to the Children’s Online
Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

No one is to arrange any live meeting (that is, meeting in person instead of online) on the Omega Forums; also, in accordance with the rule above, there is to be no exchange of street addresses,
telephone or fax numbers, or other means of contact other than email addresses or messenger
handles. Such activity must be done in a private arena (e.g. private messaging systems on
another forum or interactive venue, instant messaging conversations on venues such as MSN Messenger,
AIM, YIM, or ICQ, and private chat rooms).
Have fun.
Moderator Competency
Because the Omega Forums are large, there inherently is a need for moderators that have
knowledge of the game covered by that forum.
Moderators are members empowered to control discussions in a certain forum and have the power
to close, move, delete, or pin topics. These people are the authority in that forum and are required
by our policy to report any miscreant for a ban review, so there should be no excuse for not following
a directive from a moderator except if the action was precipitated with authorisation from the
super moderators or administrators. Basically, they’re your ‘parents’ on that forum. The names of
the moderators of the forum can be found under the forum directory on the roster, so you should
know who they are so that you don’t run afoul of them.
To apply to be a moderator of a forum, you can send a PM to a presiding administrator. We recommend
that a moderator have a thorough knowledge of the rules in place on the forums, have posted
at least 30 times in that forum, and have a record as a positive contributor to that forum. Your
chances rise even higher if an existing moderator recommends you. Moderator applications are
taken around the clock, but because there are many applications sent into the system it might take
as long as 72 hours for us to respond, so don’t yell at us when your application isn’t honoured right
As a moderator, however, you will have the responsibility of gathering attention to the forum to
which you are assigned. You will also have to follow guidelines that have been posted in the Staff
Forum — the venue for all staff members to report — and the moderators in place will be more than
happy to help you should you require any assistance. Moderation does NOT mean going on a dictatorial
rampage; you should only close and pin topics as per the guidelines that will be provided in the
Staff Forum. Moderators are allowed to file complaint against a moderator that they deem to abuse
their power or are absent from work for six weeks or more. Such actions will result in discharge.
A step up from the ‘moderator’ rank, the super moderators control all the forums. Even forum moderators
will answer to them, so you should talk to them if you’re at odds with a moderator and wish
to resolve it. Super moderators not only are allowed to call the shots in every forum on the site, they
are also the first reference when a bad member is reviewed and their bogus alert on a submission results
in immediate review of that submission. However, they do NOT ban members themselves. To
become a super moderator, you must be at moderator rank and you have to be recommended by a
super moderator that already is in place, and the admins decide whether he or she will receive the
The admins control everything, PhilXZ and qwertyuio are in this rank and have the final word on
any decision made about the site — be it rules and regulations, demotions, or bans. They also are in
charge of processing moderator applications. If you run afoul of an admin, you’re out.

Simplified forum rules
This set of rules is designed for easy reference and encompasses everything we expect from members
of our forums. While these rules are in effect for all forums, anything that conflicts with these
rules that is stated in a pinned topic with the authorisation of the administrators shall govern. These
rules apply to signatures and submissions in equal measure.
1) No spamming. As stated above, spamming is posting irrelevant or superfluous information and
can take the form of, but is not limited to, posting multiple consecutive times, creating threads
that have no perceptible purpose, posting off the topic of the thread or creating a thread off the
topic of the forum. While most spam cases can be rectified by deletion of posts or topics, excessive
amounts of spam can lead to bans ranging up to indefinite.
2) No advertising. Advertising is also considered a form of spamming. By this we mean calling attention
to other threads out of the blue or posting a link to a site in which the person is involved
if the material therein is irrelevant to the discussion or is something not offered by Omega or a site that receives any monetary or material benefit as a result. You may link to
a personal site in your signature as long as you do not receive any monetary or material benefit
as a result of hits or business conducted by the site linked to. For example, you may link to a
Proboards, Forumsvibe, or Invisionfree forum as well as a site hosted by a free service or on a
rented server, but you may not encourage others to click on ads or link to paid services such as
news subscription or web hosting.
3) Be judicious about posting. Aside from spamming, it is suggested that you do not post unless
you have gathered enough material to post and back up your post when questions are raised.
You should also refrain from posting in any thread in which the last reply was made more than
thirty (30) days before unless the topic is relevant to modern times and has more than twenty
(20) posts.
4) No flaming. Everyone is entitled to their opinion on these forums and should not have to suffer
repercussion. While we encourage members to debate in our forums, we require that it be done
in a civil manner and with respect to the creed of others posting alongside them. Simply put,
treat others the way you would like to be treated. The varieties of flaming are described in the
Consequences section of this pamphlet.
5) No swearing. While we prohibit children under 13 from registering, as explained above, this
does not stop members of any audience from using this site as a resource of any sort. Therefore,
you may not use any word in your posts that, say, may be blotted out by dashes or asterisks in
news publications. Attempting to blot these words out similarly (e.g. d**n over ‘damn’) will be
interpreted as censor bypass and punished with the same severity as warranted by an unveiled
6) Report a post if it breaks the rules. You have several methods of reporting posts: sending an
email to the addresses given at the end of this pamphlet with a description of the offence, using
the Report Bad Post link in the top-right corner of the post, or using the Contact Us form linked
to below the banner. Do NOT attempt to resolve it yourself unless you are a moderator of that
7) No scamming. By this we mean the acquisition of passwords under the premise of moderator
capability on our forums, unrestricted server access, acquisition of items in a manner illegitimate
as per the terms of service of any online RPG, or anything along these lines. The consequences
for such actions are outlined in the Consequences section.
8) No posting or solicitation of immoral or illegal articles. You may not ask to be presented with
or link to or otherwise display pornographic images (adult or child), non-tradable goods, ROMs,
warez, hacking materials, credit or debit card numbers, postal addresses, telephone or mobile
phone numbers, or anything else that violates laws set forth by the government of Spain, the
United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Australia,
France, Portugal, Andorra, and/or New Zealand and/or restrictions set forth by the European
Union. The consequences for such actions are outlined in the Consequences section.
9) Don’t tell the staff what to do. You may file a grievance about these rules or the actions of a
moderator as you would report a bad post. You, however, must recognise the authority of any
staff member.

Note that violation of any of these rules means that proper action will be taken.

Contact the administrators:
Filip (qwertyuio) email:
Philipp (PhilXZ) email:

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