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Forum » General Boards » General Chat » Posting Rules- READ BEFORE POSTING
OmegaDate: Sunday, 20/07/08, 3:47 PM | Message # 1
Group: Removed

Our regular forum rules still apply to this.

Banned Topics
Below are topics that, due to excessive infractions of the rules on threads of the sort, are no longer allowed.

Topics that glorify or put down a religion or creed. Religion discussion is allowed as long as you do not go to the point at which you begin to defame based on it.

Topics that debate the existence of Santa Claus or other figures aimed at the child population. This forum can be viewed by anyone even if they're under 13.

'I will answer all your questions' topics. Taking questions on your own thread destroys the objective of the entire forum, and often the poster doesn't. This does not apply to art shops on Graphics and Artwork.

Emulation, ROMS, warez, hacking, and other illegal activities. This can get the forums shut down.

'Chit-chat' threads or anything that doesn't have a fixed topic. This is basically spam.

'Who do you like', 'Who would be a good couple', or other topics that push romance. You can talk about romance, but you are not allowed to force others into getting a girlfriend or claim someone without the knowledge of the one being claimed.

• 'Confessions' or other spam vehicles.

Troll messages or threats to hack the site from banned members. From what we've seen, they're trolls meant to scare.

• From now on any contests/competitions need to be made here and no longer in General Chat

• Anything else that violates the rules

Reversing the ruling on declarations of post counts, membership lengths, and submission counts, these topics are now confined to the Omega Times board.

Effective immediately, any and all topics that fall into any of these categories will be closed and/or deleted wherever necessary.

BB Code
BB Code should be used so that people can read it — for example, you shouldn't use deep purple colours if the others use a Dark skin. You should also stick to a common size for your message unless you're changing it for headers. Below is how sizes should be used:

7-11: Should be used for small thoughts, such as murmuring.
12-13: Normal size, should be used for the main part of the message.
14-17: Should be used for moderate emphasis or subheaders.
18-20: Should be used for heavy emphasis and as headers.
21 and above: Not allowed.

All posts on the Omega Forums must be written in left-to-right English.

Message edited by qwertyuio - Sunday, 20/07/08, 5:11 PM
qwertyuioDate: Sunday, 20/07/08, 5:09 PM | Message # 2
Root Admin
Group: Administrators
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This site changed its name to Supercheats? 0_o
Editing your post. tongue

OmegaDate: Monday, 21/07/08, 7:57 AM | Message # 3
Group: Removed

Oh shi- I did not just not watch out for that.
Forum » General Boards » General Chat » Posting Rules- READ BEFORE POSTING
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